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"When we numb painful emotions, we also numb the positive emotions."

Brené Brown


If you could “just get over it”, you would have …


“Just do it” may be the slogan for Nike and you’ve been giving it your all but you are so tired of feeling this way. Although everyone feels sad some of the time, depression feels different. Like carrying around a heavy weight, you may feel exhausted, like your inner critic never shuts up, like there is a void inside. You can’t focus on anything and It’s impacting all facets of your life. It may feel impossible now, but you can regain hope and motivation.


Therapy for depression can help you find hope and moments of joy again by:


  • “Name it to Tame it” as Dr. Dan Siegel says – understand what your body and brain are doing, awareness and understanding are the first steps

  • Learn proven strategies to shift your focus away from the nonstop barrage of negative thoughts sucking up your energy

  • Process old hurts and traumas that may be contributing to negative beliefs about yourself like “I’m not good enough, I’m responsible, I am helpless” that keep your inner critic busy


Invest in your wellbeing and your future


Depression is complicated. Tailored to your unique needs, I will support you through this process to find hope and motivation.  With effective therapies like EMDR, body-based techniques, and strategies to challenge the negative thoughts and beliefs, relief is possible.  I will work with you and partner with medical professionals that are part of your team, to provide you with the tools and strategies to find a sense of relief and hope.

Start feeling better today! 

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